Application for Federal Student Aid

www.Pin.Ed.Gov – Applying for Federal Student Aid is free, that is why it is called Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is also easy and can be completed quickly if steps are followed steadily. Applicants can choose from among three methods for filing an application for Federal Student Aid. They can fill out an online application form, can choose to fill the form in the PDF format (which is required to be mailed), or a paper FAFSA can be requested by contacting the office through telephone. Although all methods work for the same end, it is recommended that you submit an online application.

To submit an online application, you should first login to the system with the basic information of the student that includes his or her name, date of birth, and also social security number. Unless you are applying for the summer session, or do not know to which application to proceed, you are welcome to start applying right ahead. However, if the two conditions above are valid for you, you will need to check with your college before you proceed. www.Pin.Ed.Gov

Once you proceed to the next step, you will be briefly informed on the process. The whole application process is composed of 7 steps: Student Demographics, School Selection, Dependency Status, Parent Demographics, Financial Information, Sign & Submit, and Confirmation. The application will not take more than an hour if you have the necessary information ready at hand. If you do not have this much time, you can fill out part of the form, and return back in 45 days to complete it.

In your application, you will need a number of documents, some of which are our your Social Security card, driver’s license if you have one, recent W-2 forms, recent Federal Income Tax Return, untaxed income records, current bank statements and bond and other investment records, and your alien registration or permanent resident card (if you are not a U.S. citizen). You will also require a Federal Student Aid PIN to finalize and sign your application. www.Pin.Ed.Gov

In making your application, you should also stick to the deadlines. The deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid change from state to state. However, it is not important if you have moved into a different state for purposes like schooling. What matters is your state of legal residence. Other than this issue, deadlines also vary according to the school year you are applying student aid for. Note that you will need to pay attention to multiple deadlines, which are the Federal Deadline, State Deadline and College Deadline. In some states, application commence as early as January 1st, while others accept applications until the end of June. Therefore, you need to be careful with especially the deadlines set by your state of legal residency.

Dealing with FAFSA could be daunting but we’re here to help, providing advice on the best way to use the site.

How to Fill Out the FAFSA Application to Get Federal Student Loans

www.Pin.Ed.Gov –  Federal Student Aid PIN, Sign electronically with FAFSA Student PIN, apply for a FAFSA PIN, The Student PIN is your electronic signature.Check and apply your PIN status.

FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a required entry way to billions in federal student aid. Though you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information required, you should fill one out regardless of your financial situation. Basic preparation and knowing what to expect can ease your way and even help you win a larger award.


FAFSA Basics

Is the FAFSA something you know you need to do but have procrastinated getting started? A few key facts should motivate you to learn more and get started:

    • Submitting your FAFSA application as early as possible really can make a difference in the amount of your award. In this case time really is money, so make a commitment to get prepared and get it done now.
    • There are 130 questions on the application and many of them are financial. The good news? They are not a mystery. Knowing what is required will make it easier for you to prepare and complete this form.
  • Some simple errors can cause your application to be returned, thereby delaying processing and possibly affecting how much money you might receive in Student Aid. Forewarned is forearmed — take the simple steps outlined below to learn more and avoid costly mistakes.

Be Prepared

Many FAFSA questions will be easy to answer: name, address, Social Security Number, family information. Special guidelines do apply in the case of divorce and remarried parents, so don’t assume you know the answers to all of the background questions which will come up. Understand the questions and gather necessary data before you begin.

The most important thing you can have at hand when you sit down to complete your F.A.F.S.A is your tax returns from the appropriate year. You will most likely also need your parents’ returns and, if you live with a stepparent, theirs as well. The financial information required on this application is extensive and you will bog down quickly if you need to chase after each piece of information as you go. Having the IRS forms can make everything go quite smoothly. The FAFSA application even provides specific 1040 line numbers that apply to the information required so you will know exactly where to go to find it on the tax returns.

Next, prepare a list of the schools you are applying to and which should receive your information. Be prepared to provide the code for each school along with your housing plans.

Online or On Paper?

While you may fill out a hard copy there are important advantages to completing the FAFSA application through the internet. There are also some tips to be aware of to ensure that your application does not get returned, delaying your processing.

Give yourself sufficient time, learn all you can before you start, and you’ll be good to go!

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Federal Student Aid PIN

www.Pin.Ed.Gov – Student Aid is an important source for those students or families who are looking for financial assistance to fund post secondary studies through its loans, grants and work-study programs. However, the application process differs from many other scholarship schemes, and carries steps that need to be carefully taken. One of the steps of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the obtaining of the Federal Student Aid PIN. Here is some information on what this PIN is use for, what purposes it serves and who needs a PIN.

The thtuth is FAFSA PIN’s confidentiality is actually a very strict issue. The PIN is to be used not only for electronic applications to Federal Student Aid, but also to be able to access your online records regarding this application later on. In the virtual sphere, it will work as your electronic signature. As it provides access to your personal information, it is of utmost importance that you do not share your PIN with anyone. If you do, this may bring damages not only to you Free Application for Federal Student Aid process, but also it is sure to pave the way for the use of your personal and legal information without your consent also to make binding legal arrangements. Therefore, it is the best for you to keep your PIN to yourself.

Students obviously need a PIN to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. However, PINs are not only for students. If you are a dependent child, you will need your parent to sign your application form as well. In this case, the parent will have to apply for and receive his or her own PIN. Families cannot use one PIN in common, as the PIN is an individual electronic signature that is peculiar to each person. However, if you have more than one child whose FAFSA forms you are willing to sign, then you can use one PIN for signing multiple forms.

The PIN you acquire for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be used for other purposes and on websites other than as well. From The National Student Loan Data System Web siteyou can access your own data regarding any Federal Student Aid you have received until now, using your P.I.N number. You can also go to Direct Loan Servicing Online and perform many tasks including making payments online and being informed on your account. Furthermore, you can visit the Federal Direct Consolidation Loans Web siteand apply for a loan. A similar operation can be done on the Federal Student Aid´s Student Loan Web site. Finally, your PIN will be of use to you if you are willing to sign an Agreement to Serve.


Dealing with FAFSA can be daunting but we’re here to help, providing advice on how to apply for a FAFSA PIN and the importance of having one.


Your FAFSA PIN Status

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Did you submit the application to get P.I.N for your Federal Student Aid? Did you get the PIN number through the website? or you are till now still expecting to receive the PIN  via regular postal mail. What is going to happen after that? How do you know if your own P.I.N can be used freely or it is still conditional?  Below are answers that you need to know about Federal Student Aid PIN….


If you want to learn the status of your FAFSA PIN, you should go on to the PIN web site. There are four possible statuses you might see once you go online to check your FAFSA PIN status. The first one is the message “No Match Found”. This message appears if the system has not received your application. If you see this message, you will be advised to re-apply for a PIN. The next possibility is that the information you have provided during your application does not verify each other. In other words, your name, date of birth and Social Security Number do not match. If this is the case, you will have to follow the instructions stated there to resolve the problem. “www.Pin.Ed.Gov

Possible solutions are applying for the PIN again. Probably you entered your information wrongly, so why not give it another try? If you are sure that you had entered all the information correctly, or you have repeated the application process and the problem persists, then you might want to check whether the Social Security Administration has incorrect records regarding your name, birth date or Social Security Number.

The authorities might not have completed the verification process yet. This means that your FAFSA PIN is still conditional. If this is the case, you will be able to use it only for signing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid until the condition has been lifted. You should come back to check your status in a few days to see if your PIN has become unconditional. If your Social Security Number, name and date of birth match, this will mean that your PIN has become unconditional, which is the fourth possibility you might come across as you check your PIN status. If this is the case, you will see to which address your PIN is being sent to if you have chosen this option (this address should be the same as the one you provided during your application) in addition to the date when your PIN has been posted.


Even after you have received your PIN and the condition has been lifted, you might need to go back and re-enter your personal information. This happens when there is a change in your mailing address or e-mail address. Under these circumstances you should not forget to update your information by visiting the FAFSA PIN web site. If there is a change in your last name, you should apply for a new PIN.

www.Pin.Ed.Gov – Dealing with FAFSA can be daunting but we are here to help, providing advice on how  applying for a FAFSA PIN  & the importance of having one.


WWW.Pin.Ed.Gov : Federal Student Aid PIN

WWW.Pin.Ed.Gov – There are free college grants available in the form of federal aid. All you need to do, is to apply for it and you are likely to be awarded a grant to help towards your college education. Here are a few steps that you should follow:

Start off by collecting free information and getting any help you need. You should be able to get help from the financial aid office or the dept. of education. Do not ever pay money for any help as this is provided free of charge.www-pin-ed-gov

Step 2:
Go to “WWW.Pin.Ed.Gov ” and get yourself a federal student aid PIN number. You are going to need this to sign for your FAFSA when you complete it online and also if you need to make any changes.

Step 3:
Go to and see what documents you will need to apply. Gather them together. Do not hold back your application if your tax return has not been completed as you can estimate the amounts and supply the actual return later.

Step 4:
Complete the FAFSA. The best way to do so is online, at Take your time in completing the application and make sure you answer all the questions correctly. You’ll need to use the PIN you got in Step 2 to sign for it. You can apply anytime up to 30 June 2010 but do so as soon as you can.

Step 5:
Next, you will be sent a student aid report (SAR). Take the time to read through it carefully and make any changes that you feel are needed. You can resubmit it if necessary. This document will have your EFC which gets used to calculate how much funding you can get. FAFSA

Step 6:
The school you are going to attend may request more information from you. If they do, make sure you respond to it as quickly as you can else you will find a delay in getting your funding approved.

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